How To Join Illuminati USA

Joining Illuminati

IN ORDER to know the process of joining ILLUMINATI SOCIETY, you need to prepared FOR the subsequent RULES:

1:) You need to be able to keep the Secretes of the society, very important rule.

2:) You need to be able to tell Illuminati about your health-related conditions if you have any because Illuminati have a tendency to cure any disease or health problem freely to our members if they’re sick ( Let or not it’s HIV AIDS or Cancer)

3:) You need to have a transparent plan for the cash that shall incline to you by the society

4:) You be able to travel with Illuminati people to the Headquarters in the USA at list once in the first year. Visa Airtickets, & Accommodation all provided by the society

5:) You need not feel shy if you are sitting at similar dining with high officers like Obama, Jay-z, Kanye West, Beyonce e.t.c and with them

6:) You need to be able to sign an Illuminati anthem and a pray

7:) Create Illuminati image

8:) You need to be not kept to selected any of the Illuminati cute and delightful members just in case you’ve got loved one or additional

9:) You need to be offered for each monthly searching ( we offer cards for you to swipe up to a given limit)